We need to stop talking about the climate crisis. Because it’s much more than that. It’s an over-consumption crisis.

And we need to start calling it what it is, if we’re to have any chance of solving the problem.

Language matters, and there is plenty of debate about whether we should be talking about climate change, the climate emergency, or the climate crisis.

But what if we’ve got it all wrong? What if that’s missing the point?

What if that’s setting us up to lurch from crisis to crisis, always firefighting?

What if we’re focusing on the symptom, not the…

But changing the way we view the problem will

The UK government has named a senior executive from Suncor — one of Canada’s largest, most controversial oil companies — as a ‘Climate Champion’.

I know.

But it’s not the absurd, ‘you couldn’t make it up’ back story that I’m here for.

I’m here for this.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about over-consumption. About why we need to stop framing the climate and biodiversity crises, plastic pollution, deforestation and so on as different problems. Because they’re not separate issues. They’re all symptoms of a single problem: over-consumption.

This Climate Champion story is the perfect illustration of why that…

It’s at odds with all we know about learning — but here’s why we stick with it.

Girl in red playing with sand.
Girl in red playing with sand.
Image by Mi Pham via Unsplash

There’s a model of education that most of us have grown up with. ‘Traditional’ education is so widespread that many of us don’t even realise the array of other learning philosophies that exist.

Yet there are abundant alternatives. Some schools and parents follow The Montessori Method; others identify as Reggio-inspired. More ‘radical’ philosophies include self-directed learning, democratic schools and unschooling.

It doesn’t stop there — delve deeper and you’ll quickly discover nature play and risky play; loose parts play and tinkering; open-ended play…

Jane Shaw

Journalist/author. Founder, EthicalBusinessMarketing.com + The Happy Families Plan. A bit obsessed with happiness. Sustainable living, childhood, family life.

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